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Create a geofence by drawing a radius around a place. Bumpin will monitor, track and analyze all social activity within your geofence and allows you to respond to certain activities automatically. You may automatically follow and reply to users who are socially active within your geofence. Provide users with location-specific updates, events and discount offerings.

Users do not need to install anything. Bumpin uses existing social networks to send geo-targeted messages.

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Auto Follow

Automatically start following users that tweet / publish a photo in your geofence.

Auto Reply

Automatically reply to customers who meet your campaign criterion.

Voucher Generation

Automatically generate vouchers to offer discount / special treatment to customers reached using geofenced campaign.


Use a multitude of targetting options to target only your desired audience.

Activity Monitoring

All activity related to your campaigns is easy accessible through a unified timeline.

Detailed Analytics

Analyze trends and patterns. Make the best of your campaign.

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About is a social media marketing platform, currently in Beta. Co-founded by MIT and Stanford alums.

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